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Discover the Secret to Installing AdGuard Effortlessly and Blocking Ads for Good Hello, everyone! Welcome back to ITS Tech Time. This quick walkthrough will show you how easy it is to set up Adguard and start using it. Adguard will help stop all the ads that come up while you are online, and Adguard has

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Create your own private search engine. Hello, everyone! Welcome back to ITS Tech Time. Today, we’re diving into the world of private web searching. To achieve complete privacy while browsing, your best bet is to opt for a hosted open-source search engine or take the reins by self-hosting one. Mainstream search engines like Google tend

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Onion Share What is Onion Share? Onion Share is a privacy-focused tool designed to ensure the secure and anonymous sharing of files, hosting an onion website, and chatting over the Tor network. It provides users with enhanced confidentiality, making it harder for third parties to track the shared content or the users involved. How does

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