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Hey, everyone! Welcome back to ITS Tech Time. Today, we’re diving into the world of Tails OS, a privacy-focused operating system designed to protect your online anonymity. I will show you how to download Tails OS to a USB and boot your computer to that USB to access Tor, the anonymity network. Plus, we’ll cover how to set up persistent storage to save your files and settings between sessions.

Tails OS is a privacy-focused operating system that runs entirely from a USB drive, leaving no traces on the computer it’s used on, even in public spaces. It comes pre-installed with the Tor Browser and other privacy tools to enhance online anonymity.

Benefits of using Tails

  • Privacy: Tails OS and Tor help to protect your privacy online by anonymizing your traffic and preventing your ISP from tracking your activity.
  • Security: Tails OS is a secure operating system that protects you from malware and other online threats.
  • Freedom: Tails OS and Tor can help you bypass censorship and access blocked websites.

Download Tails

First, download Tails from the Tails website:

After you have downloaded tails, verify that your download is not corrupted.

You will get a successful verification message

Download a USB installer

Next, you need to download a USB installer to write the downloaded Tails ISO image and create a bootable USB flash drive. Click download balenaEtcher

Install Tails

Plug your USB device into your machine.

Next, click on the downloaded Etcher installer to start Etcher.

Click the Select ‘Flash From file’ option. Then, select the Tails USB image, which should have a .img file extension you downloaded earlier.

Next, click on ‘Select Target.’ Etcher will list all the connected USB drives and automatically select a USB stick. Select the USB drive you want to install Tails on from the list.

Finally, click on ‘Flash!’. Etcher will Flash your USB drive with Tails on your selected USB, which should take only a few minutes.

After the flashing completion, Fletcher will automatically validate the installation.

Upon successful completion, it should display the following message. After that, close the Etcher window.

Shut down your computer and boot to the USB.

Configure and Start Tails

When Tails first starts, you’ll need to configure language and region settings in the Tails welcome screen, as shown in the following image, and click on ‘start Tails.’ After a few seconds, you will get the Tails desktop.

Now, you have successfully connected with Tails OS. For secure browsing, you can enable wifi and use the Tor browser for web surfing. Open the settings menu in the top-right-hand corner:

After selecting the correct wifi network, the Tor Connection screen appears to help you connect to the Tor Network.

Now you can open the Tor browser and see a page like this.

Creating Persistent Storage

Click on the applications menu in the top-left corner and choose ‘Configure persistent volume.’

Then, you will get the following persistent volume setup window. Insert and verify a passphrase according to the requirements.

Click on the Create button, and Tails will give you a list of features of Persistent Storage.

Select only the features that you require. Click Save.

Then power off your computer and boot to the USB again.

This time, you will see an option for the storage passphrase you created on the Welcome to Tails screen.

There is a Persistent folder in the home directory where you can save all the working files, images, etc. You can open the Persistent folder from Places -> Persistent.

With Tails OS and Tor, you can browse the internet anonymously, protecting your privacy and security. Always follow safe online practices and avoid accessing sensitive information using Tails OS.

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Thanks for watching, and as always, stay curious and stay secure. See you in the following video!

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